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Pending IUSA World Record Chinook

HUGE Congratulations to Oregon Freediving Co team diver Josh Humbert on his pending IUSA world record catch!!  Some of the guys are still out on this trip so you can expect some more epic pics and stories! *******************Please note that spearing salmon in fresh or salt water in Oregon is strictly prohibited!  This fish was […]

Why should you freedive?

As we all are aware freediving is not just a adventure sport but it’s a recreational activity which has been recognized world over. Most of the people who perform freediving to get themselves relaxed and have all the freedom from their usually boring routines. An activity such as freediving will completely relax you and give […]

How freediving improves your health

Freediving is a type of water sport which needs an immense amount of physical strength and concentration. It is very similar to scuba diving but without the equipment. In Freediving you won’t have any weight belt, no oxygen cylinders or any other supporting equipment. It’s the best way to explore marine life without any boundaries. […]

What Should you do before Freediving?

Freediving is one of the type of underwater diving which relies on the ability of the diver to hold the breath instead of relying on the air tank to provide you with oxygen under the water. Most of the rookie freedivers are required to work on their breathing skills and also on improving their stamina. […]

Email to sign up for spearfishing class this November!

Please send us an e-mail to sign up for November’s Spearfishing 1 class.