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Until Next Year!!  Thanks to all the sponsors and competitors!!

The Oregon Rockfish Challenge is off and running!!

Join us for a little friendly competition from now through the end of February.  Competition is statewide and submissions are accepted via email or facebook message with an appropriate picture and description.  Get in on the fun!


$10 entry fee/division (must be registered prior to fishing)
Competition will run from 1/1 – 2/28 
***Entries will be submitted through accepted pictures of your catch with appropriate length documentation.***

-Top three fish in each division will win prizes!
-Rockfish harvested in Oregon on breath-hold ONLY will be considered for prizes.
-Any legal species of rockfish open for entry
-Photo submissions must show verifiable measurement:
-Use a metal tape measure
-Use a board (or other flat surface)to line up fish and tape 
*Nose of fish and tape need to be touching the board (closed mouth on fish)
-Place tape just below fish so that measurements are visible.
*Bottom of tail can be on tape to show maximum length
-General location info should be included if pic is not at 
recognizable OR cleaning station (Locations will not be 
published with pics)

-Please submit pics within one day of catch
-Submit pics by posting here, messaging on FB, or emailing to
-Submissions will be accepted until 9:00 PM 2/28
-Leader board will be published on the website here and on Instagram page.[/vc_column_text]

Comp shirts (included in registration prior to 1/31/18) $15

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Speargun Division:

  • 1st Borce Atanosov 17.83″


  • 2nd Dan Semrad 15″

FullSizeRender 2


  • 3rd Neil Pfeffer 14.625″


  • Honorable Mention:

26754332_10211668677214098_516653817_n . 14.5″ Neil Pfeffer

FullSizeRender  14.5″ Dan Semrad

Polespear Division:

  • 1st Dan Flood 10.375″


Women’s Division:

  • 1st: “Smudge” Miller 11.25″

  • FullSizeRender 3


Thank you to all of our event sponsors!!

  • Evolve Diving Polespears




  • Vibe Kayaks


  • IST Sports





  • JBL Spearguns

  • IMG_6308
  • OMER

  • Hatch Custom Spearguns