How freediving improves your health

Freediving is a type of water sport which needs an immense amount of physical strength and concentration. It is very similar to scuba diving but without the equipment. In Freediving you won’t have any weight belt, no oxygen cylinders or any other supporting equipment. It’s the best way to explore marine life without any boundaries. There are many benefits of doing freediving as it’s the best way to tone your muscles, strengthen your lungs and conquer the challenge that lies when you are underwater. Here is a list of some of the benefits of Freediving.

  1. Stress Relief

Freediving in Oregon is very similar to yoga when it comes to stress relief. It will be very effective in putting you in a calm and completely relaxed mood while you are still working out in your body. The best part about freediving is that when you are underwater and in the midst of the beautiful aquatic life all your stress of busy lifestyle will disappear.

  1. Brings You Closer to Marine Life

Freediving in Oregon is one of the best activities when it comes to exploring the magnificent marine life. If you are freediving, you will be able to explore the underwater world without any kind of extra weight of carrying a oxygen cylinder or any other heavy diving gear which you have to carry while doing scuba diving. As in freediving you are not carrying any excess gear you will be in contact with the marine world and experience it’s a lot closer.


  1. Adrenaline Boost

If you are an adventure junkie, you will surely get the much needed boost of adrenaline while you are performing Freediving in Oregon. If studies are to be believed, then freedivers then it is one the best underwater sport when it comes to pumping you with a adrenaline rush.

  1. Improves Focus

Freediving is an activity which will require you to put in extreme concentration. If you want to dive in without any breathing equipment, then all the divers will have to go through a finely adjust to the external surroundings and also have a calm internal state of their body. Externally, all the divers will have to know how far from the surface they are and as well as what kind of marine life is surrounding them. Internally the divers should be aware about their limits which mainly includes knowing when they are running out of breath.

  1. Therapeutic for Joints

Many studies have shown that spending time in water and diving underwater can be a very good treatment for relieving pressure from your joints and also increase the range of motions because of the hydrostatic pressure which counteracts the usual pressure which the body encounters because of high impact activities.

  1. Strengthens your Lungs

Normally, just as it is the case with all the other cardio activities, the more you work your lungs out the stronger they become. If you are free diving, conditions of your lungs are improved with short term and long term breathing exercises. It will also boost up the capacity of oxygen in your lungs. In this way you can hold a more air for longer duration of time.

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