After having freediving on my bucket list for way too long, I feel lucky to have experienced my beginner training with Dan Semrad. There is quite a lot to cover in freediving, and I soon discovered it is quite serious. Dan’s stylish mix of stoicism and candor commands confidence and relaxation. Dan was careful, thorough, and most of all patient. I felt safe throughout each and every exercise with Dan’s coaching. If learning more about freediving or spearfishing is on your bucket list, don’t hesitate to call up Oregon Freediving Co. You’ll be in safe hands!
-Jason Laramie
Dan Semrad is an outstanding instructor – a master of the content, an encouraging and patient coach, and a strong proponent for safe technique. Oregon Freediving Co is such a gift for the PNW freediving / spearfishing community!
-Dr Kurt Grote
Dan Semrad is an excellent instructor. I highly recommend getting training from him and the vast knowledge and experience he possesses. I had a blast in his class.
The applied physiology in the water is outstanding and gave me deeper insight into diving safety, injuries and treatment protocols.
Thank you Dan.
-Dr Todd Turnbull
I really enjoyed taking the freediving course with Dan. The small class size and Dan’s very thorough, clear and patient instruction made learning about freediving more doable and not scary. Dan starts with classroom instruction, which lays a great foundation to understand more about freediving and the breathing techniques and safety related to freediving. The progression of the course from the classroom to the pool and to open water was great as you could ease into freediving with a solid basis in the background knowledge. It was a lot of fun to get out in Hood Canal on the third day as well and practice our skills in such a beautiful place.
As someone who hasn’t spent a lot of time in the water and is uncomfortable in water, Dan made me feel safe and at ease and helped me get way more comfortable in the water. He is very knowledgeable and he spent the full day Sunday diving in open water with two groups of students, which speaks a lot to his skills in freediving!
When I started the class, I didn’t really know how it was going to go, but after taking it, I am even more excited to work on my skills in the water. Thanks to Dan for sharing his passion for freediving!
-Rebecca Cruz Guiao
Kudo’s to Dan who had the patience of Gandhi and the stamina of Prefontaine to keep up with students going in all direction but straight down!
-William Parsons
I first was introduced to freediving a year ago when I was getting my open water scuba certification through NAUI. Since I didn’t have all the gear that would be needed to scuba on my own I started Free diving and spear fishing on the Oregon coast about once a month. My longest static breath hold before starting the course was 2 min and 35 sec. and that was pushing it. Lucky for me Dan Semrad II and I have been trading stories for the last year, and when he let me know that he was about to start teaching a freediving course, I could not pass up the opportunity to increase my skill set.
It is amazing how little I knew about the science behind freediving. By the end of the first classroom and pool time, I felt that my comfort level in the water had shot through the roof. Getting my mind into a relaxed state letting me slow my heart rate and properly prepare for a drop was made easy after the carfule coaching from Mr. Semrad, because of his dedication to sharing his knowledge I have since maxed out my Static time and learned a whole new set of safety skills that I will be using every time I’m in the water.

Sitting on the dock by myself, in the early morning watching the reflection of the evergreens leaning over the lake’s glassed surface, I was about to explode with excitement. Dan Semrad’s words “Get a good night sleep” kept bouncing around my head, I had woken way too early and no way was I going back to sleep. Time to check out!
Once we had suited up and hit the water I finally grounded out and got my mind into what I think of as diving mode.
“let’s check off some skills”
we worked on our breathing, and buddy skills on every drop. The safety checks have started to become natural. – check
my previous best depth was just over 10meters and I was hard pressed to get to that depth.
after going through this training class we would have happily gone farther than the 15meters but we ran out of water(hit the bottom of the lake). I have gained so many new skills and would be able to completely trust anyone that has gone through this training on the first drop.

-Dan Flood