Intro to Comp Course 2/4-6/2021

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Ever been curious about the world of competitive freediving, but intimidated at the prospect of starting?

Instructors at The Oregon Freediving Co have developed a course to give divers a head start on competitive freediving. Join us for some friendly competition focused on improving your personal best performances in the pool and some all around fun!

The course will run over a weekend and where we cover pool competition regulation, focus on statics and Dynamics, surface protocol and will finish with a mini comp where there will be a chance for everyone to compete and place (with prizes) in!

Learn about the psychology of a target performance in competition. Refine your dynamic technique. Develop a warmup routine that maximizes your performance.

And of course... Win some prizes and have some fun!

Course Fee:
$275 Certified freedivers

Must be certified to participate.

Course Fee includes:
-Pool Time

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