Omer Match 30 w/line

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*Half enclosed* Extendable handle to reduce the size of the reel and steel
sliding line guide. The spool has two bushes which eliminate the friction
on the spool shaft. Complete with a drag system which keeps the line in
tension even with the friction completely open.

The movement of standard plastic reels is usually very rough. The problem
is that the plastic spool rotates on a plastic shaft and this “plastic on
plastic” situation creates friction, resulting in an uneven movement.
Omersub has solved this problem on Match reels by inserting two brass
bushings on the body of the reel. This way the movement is made “plastic on
metal” resulting in a perfectly smooth rotational movement.

Retractable Handle
The Match 30 Reel features a retractable handle, operated by a
metal spring, greatly reducing the overall dimensions of the reel when not

Locking friction and drag system
This Reel is equipped with a classic standard friction which holds
the reel in a locked position. In addition, the reels also feature a drag
system which keeps the line in tension even when the friction is completely

Line guide
A small steel line guide which is free to slide, in a plastic guide on a

longitudinal axe, allows the line to scroll out smoothly.

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