Underwater Hunter & Collector (*Deposit*)

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Learn how to be successful, safe, and sustainable harvesting table fair from the Pacific! Course fee $350. Join us for an introduction to spearfishing that will teach you the history, the safety, the regulations, the safety, the gear, the safety, the site considerations, the safety, tons of tricks and tips, and of course the safety involved in spearfishing in Oregon. This course will dramatically accelerate your learning curve and prep you to be successful from the start.

Course fee includes:
2.5Hr Classroom Theory
2Hr Pool (Statics and Spearguns pass)
1.5Hr OW Spearfishing Session

Pool session time available at any of the "Statics and Spearguns" nights

OW Spearfishing to be scheduled dependent on conditions in groups of 4 students.

This is a certification course. To complete the certification portion, academic and open water must be completed. If you are not seeking certification you can take the academic only for $125.

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